We have been here for quite awhile and the format has stayed pretty much as it has been from the start. Well now it is time for a reconstruction and update to our website. Although the format will still contain some travel related humor the main content will change.


Thanks for your support and I hope you will continue to visit our little corner of the Internet.


I was thinking of doing a review of a Travel Website for my first article in this series of reviews. Then I thought about how many Travel Sites were out there on the Internet, so I typed in the word “Travel” on Google and it returned three (3) Billion results.

So I said narrow it down stupid and I typed in “Travel Websites” it returned two hundred and seventy (270) million results. That is a lot of websites. I thought well how about “Air Travel Websites” and it returned 81 million websites. Man I am narrowing this search down now. Next I tried “Hotel Websites”, now we are cooking it returned 149 million websites. Wow, I am getting deeper into this now. I was brave and typed in “Rental Car Websites” and returned 4.15 million results. Next I tried “Travel Agency Websites”, back up to 51 million results. I thought wait a minute I left out the Cruise Lines and their websites. First I tried “Cruise Line Travel” only 5.5 million results were returned. Ok now I will try “Cruise Line Travel Agency” and my results were only 2.43 million. Next up was “Cruise Line Vacation Packages” with their total being 1.161 million results. Do you see where this is going? I don’t, well maybe I do or possibly I do, no let’s go back to maybe I do. The thing is there are a Hell of a lot of Travel and travel related websites on the Internet. This means you will have to dig for the bargains, research and sift through all of this mess to find what you are looking for in Travel. Good Luck in finding your shining star, because once you pick out your Travel plans and book them you will see one better than yours. Keep the faith brothers and sisters we are here to help you plug through this pile of websites to find you the best Travel sites available. We want to look at individual websites so we can come up with a list of the Travel websites that can solve your travel woes. Let’s rank them and let others know the good and bad sides to each. I would like your input so we can list our points, the pros and cons for each one. I need feedback from anyone who has used the website that we will be reviewing. Now I just want to do one (1) website per week or so to start. Let’s help each other out tell it like it is, maybe we can come up with our own rating system and use that to inform others of our own experiences.

Thanks for bearing with us and our remodeling.